Writing from your bed room

The Emerging Writer, Finding the Space

My First Work Space

I still don’t have anywhere to write.  This is me working from my bed, in my room in a share house in Sydney.  Ps, my rent is like, expensive.

So, say I was going to do this…Hypothetically.  I was really truly going to be a writer – just humour me for a second.  I guess I would want to write a book about where I am from.  I grew up in one of the most magical places on earth, but when I was a teenager, I missed it all.  The fantastic natural wonder of the place was lost on me.  Now I am starting to realise just how special it was.  All my ideas keep coming back to the bush brushing up against the sea.  In Merimbula trees and grass grow straight out of the sand, and then the mountains rise quickly behind them.

I have been doing a little research online and found some great news articles and photos and stories…  Making me want to go down for a few days and check the place out.

Might plan a trip home – Hmmm still have no money…Can go see Mum anyway while I’m down?  Could get Mum to pay for my trip???  I will call her.


by Meg

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