17 December 2012

The Emerging Writer

My quiet hour

17th December 2012 – I am trying to write, but I can’t.  Beside me on my desk my phone is broken.  No reception and No Network, No calls,  No messages in or out.  I want to fix it right now – but this is the time I allocated to writing.  This is the hour I found to write, during the business to Christmas, with my three sisters all pregnant, (Two Biological and one sister in Law)  I am from a big family and so is my lover.  Christmas time is crazy.

I was so proud of myself that I could find this hour to myself.  I am sitting in the back yard, in the summer sunshine and in the first moments of this great hour – my phone stopped working and I am so compelled to fix it.

Why is it, that I can’t concentrate, relax or focus, knowing that my phone is broken?  It doesn’t need to be fixed right away.  I can wait an hour before getting messages?  Or can I?  It should be a good thing, having a broken phone, as I cant be interrupted for my hour of writing.

I am just using this broken phone situation as procrastination, something that needs to be solved immediately!! – Forgettting the long term plan I have made for myself to become a writer over the next five years.  Suddenly my long term writing plan is gone and I am wrapped up in another immediate distraction.I am forcing myself to work!!  Get back to it – The phone is fine.  It can wait.


by Meg

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