Get stuck into your draft!! Now!

The Emerging Writer8th of July 2013 –  Ok, so I am back in the book store.  Could not find anywhere to buy nice beans from.  Am going to go bankrupt on lattes and long blacks.

My elephant has been divided up.  I have read the first section.  It was terrible.  I am going to keep going.  I can do this…. For the next two weeks here we go – I have about 6 sections to read through each day – Easy!!

This is going to be my last post till the 22nd of July – Focus.

Ok – Next two weeks there will not be any posts as I aim to work harder than I ever have before to make sure that the manuscript is ready for The Reader.  I am sooo regretting everything I planned all those months ago.  Planning to have another human being ever read my work all feels like a big mistake right now.

Ps.  Those pills next to my florentine are anti psychotic medication.


by Meg

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