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House Sitting is a Great Idea!!  House sitting is a writers best friend.  If you know what you are doing.  Living rent free, often in an isolated or rural environment is a great way to get a lot of writing done without it costing you a fortune.  In the beginning of your career as a writer you will need to be clever with your time and money to get the head start you need.

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My house sitting experience

I think house sitting is the best idea ever and it has made our life possible.  House sitting website know how great house sitting is for writers and will often angle themselves towards writers with questions such as….  Need to finish that screen play or ever wanted to spend three months traveling and writing a novel?

The only thing you need to realise is that there will probably be pet care.  Yes there will be Pet Care!!  Most house sits also come with pet care, from chickens and dogs, to horses and fish.  Some people may see this as a negative but I actually think it is one of the perks.  As a writer working from home it’s nice to have a few animals around for company.  And they make a great excuse for a break, feeding the dog and locking the chickens up.

Emerging Writer, Writing, writers, Yes it Actually Works!!  I am writing this article from my new office in a house sit house in the National Park in NSW.  So many ideas people have for saving money sound good in theory, but don’t seem to work in real life.  This one does.  My fiancee and I will be house sitting for the next three months here, and have already had interest from people going away after that.  To read more about my personal experience house sitting Click Here

To read more go to  Ten Questions You Must Ask an Owner Before you House Sit.


  1. You have to be organised.  If you are not organised when you start, you soon will be.  What I am talking about it having a diary and a good idea about the next few months of you life.  Sorting out dates and times and seeing potential houses.
  2. Allow yourself to get settled.  When you first move to a new house, don’t make any commitments for those first three days.  You are going to need to find the supermarket, the butcher and late night chocolate.  Petrol stations are a good one to find early as well as chemists and gyms.
  3. Have your own internet.  Most houses will have their own internet at home that you will be able to use when you arrive, but that might not always be the case.  We have had a few problems with the internet while staying in the National Park with no phone reception as well.  It is always a good idea to be independent with those things if you can.
  4. Ask about Phone reception.  See above.
  5. Prepare for High maintenance pets.  The type of people who don’t or can’t put their animals into long term care are normally very protective and connected to their pets.  Most owners we have met have felt their animals to be very important to them, referring to them like their animals are humans, usually with medications, health needs and a strict routine.  It is always up to you weather or not you take on the responsibilities of the pet.  Owners are also worried about leaving their animals alone for a long time but I send a few photos over the first few days and the owners soon relax.
  Here are some great Australian House Sitting Organisations.
I don’t have enough experience with Overseas House Sitting to recommend anyone I know.
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