A Pen for Every Occasion

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 When I met the one, I just knew. We were meant for each other.

She was silky smooth and faultless, my hand fitted her curves perfectly. I was a better person when she was around. Her name was Joy. InkJoy!

Because one day a pen will come along that a writer just falls in love with. And you can tell a writer designed the InkJoy because of the smooth effortless ink flow and the curvaceous, comfortable body to fit the hand.

But soon it became almost obsessive the way I couldn’t write properly unless I was using my special pen! I had backup ones in case it ran out of ink mid stream. I would get stressed without my other half, the half that made me a whole writer, not just a thinker. And heaven forbid if I was forced to have an affair with another, inadequate one, say, at the bank.

And then… the worst two words on Earth….     ‘Discontinued Line.’

I cried. I begged. I bought the last twenty pens. And then was resigned to the fact that I would eventually have to find another. So now I ponder my secondaries, to see if I can ever get over my loss. But it seems that even they aren’t versatile enough to replace InkJoy…

  1. Gel (with sparkles) – Shopping lists and other mundane tasks will benefit from this sparkly happy little number.
  2. Parker  – Still in its box. My guess is there will never be a right time to open this baby.
  3. Personalised – Just in case I forget my own name, or want my identity stolen at airports.
  4. Uni – My karma from slight-of-handing a pen from an educational department, is the glug factor of 10 that this pen possesses. Requires blow-drying the page after use.
  5. Mickey – Its value is only in its memories of Disneyland, not its scratchy nib.
  6. Hand painted  – Sits by the phone. Is unreliable.
  7. Camo  – Only for writing whilst in a bush scenario, when you don’t want anyone to know that’s what you are doing.
  8. Flower  – Useful for writing love notes and signing off with a flourish!
  9. City – It’s cool and classy. Looks sexy hooked into a crisp, white, shirt pocket, but too uncomfortable a body to last an epic writing session.
  10. Mini – Cute and wallet friendly, but the tiny ink shot just gets nowhere.
  11. The One – There will never be another quite like her. The InkJoy.


     The search continues…

Catherine Vance

by Catherine Vance

3 thoughts on “A Pen for Every Occasion

  1. Joy Adan says:

    I know this feeling… and also know of this beloved pen that you speak of. Someone left one on my office desk once, thinking they were made JUST for me, and they are indeed a beautiful pen! But my favourite is actually the fine point Pilot BPS-GP Fine Point; it has been since I started uni. No matter what styles come and go, I keep coming back to that model.

  2. Meg
    Meg says:

    My favourite has always been the ‘Uni-ball Eye’ micro, in black and white – Oh what a nice pen. They are like $7 each, but the best $7 you’ll spend all week.

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