Before You Name Your Book – Read This

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NAMING THE BOOK – Before you name your book…

Think about what you want to call your book and then Google it.  

Check how many books have the same name.

Type your potential book name into Amazon and talk to your friends about the title.

If there are already a number of books (or 21 books on the first page of Amazon) called ‘Hope’ then consider calling your book something else.  It is hard enough to sell an original novel with an original title.  Don’t make it hard to find online.  You will be making your life very difficult if you are going to use a title that is already in use.  You will be at the bottom of the search results on Amazon, and you will rank on page 5 of Google search results.  The URL for that book title will probably be taken.  The back link profile online for that title will be directed to other peoples books.  The website domain name of that name will be taken.

Your readers will be confused and you may end up selling a whole lot of someone else’s work.

Also – Dont make your title incredibly difficult to spell or remember.  Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool for novels.  If the title of your novel is hard to pronounce, hard to spell or difficult to remember, people will be less inclined to tell their friends about it.

My mother always tells me the book she is reading.  My friends and I discuss what we are reading when we chat.  If you want to call your book ‘We are one.‘  Don’t spell it …. ‘Oui R won‘.

Things that are hard to find – Are hard to find.

Quick tip – Don’t use the word LavenderLove or Time – they are taken.

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