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Susie Mander, Bird of Chaos, Harpies Curse

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I was lucky enough to be given an advanced copy of Bird of Chaos from the author herself.

As a friend of Susie Mander, I was familiar with the story that was coming my way.

We had spoken on and off about Verne during the entire writing process.

The back cover blurb.

The final Tempest rides on the power of a storm. It blasts the cold of winter and burns like the summer sun. It spares no one.

Verne Golding the Third is heir to the Tibutan throne and destined to stop the Tempest. But Tibuta is fractured by civil war and Verne’s family is divided by ambition and cruelty—and she, unlike them, is ungifted. Her allies urge her to take power to unify the nation and protect it against evil, but only a Talent can rule Tibuta. Verne must overcome her impediment and find a way to rise above prejudice and her own self-doubt to take on the challenge.

The only thing standing in her way is her mother.

The story and what it is about and what kind of happens in it.  Including my opinion, parts that I liked and skipped over all that stuff.

Did I keep reading it all the way till the end?

Quotes from the book, that were good bad, funny of incredibly moving.

Was lucky enough to INTERVIEW SUSIE MANDER right after Bird of Chaos had just been released and she had given birth to her first child.

BIRD OF CHAOS was published in 2014 by Crooked Keep, Australia.

Bird of Chaos is Susie Mander’s first novel.

It is 420 of pages long and while it should only be about 11 hours of reading time, but it took me about three months as my kindle was broken and my computer kept hitting me in the face at night.  Got a paper back copy and read it again in a week.

What I learnt from this book.  

Reading this book as an Emerging writer makes for an incredibly inspiring story.

A study in world building – Reading the book as an emerging writer, what can you learn and study.  What are some inspirational parts of the book.

Was self-published through Crooked Keep Publishing.

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