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I cannot recommend the Emerging Writers Festival enough.  I know I keep going on about it but that is only because it is so excellent.  It has been more than two months since I attended the festival and it is still impacting on my work and life.  Journals that I subscribed to at the Festival are still arriving in the mail.

Karen Andrews, ManuscrappedOne of the best panels I saw at the Festival was part of the DIY Hards series on Self Publishing and I just found out that one of the panelists, Karen Andrews, is going to be running a blogging workshop next weekend at The Wheelers Centre.  Karen Andrews actually used to be the Program Manager for the Festival…so everything is starting to make sense.

The 2 day course, Blogging 2.0 Maximising Your Potential is aimed at bloggers who are interested in pushing their blog to the next level.  It is for people who have been blogging for six months or more…so don’t ask the following questions, ‘What is a blog?‘ or ‘Don’t you think blogging is a little self involved?‘  You people need not apply.

The course will be held at the Wheelers Centre on the 8th and  9th of August 2014.  Wow – That is next weekend!!

Karen Andrews has been blogging for over 8 years and has a pretty loyal and engaged following on Social Media (myself included in that group)  It was through her Instagram feed that I realised she lives right near my dad in Eltham!  Ha – Small world!  This course will cover navigating Social Media, monetizing your blog, creating an easier work flow and how to pitch to publications.  Actually, it will cover heaps of stuff – Read here.

how to write a blog, blogger, how to start a blogTo make a booking directly through Writers Victoria click on the orange button. To read more about the Blogging Course  click here.  If the panel I saw at the Emerging Writers Festival is anything to go by, then this Course is going to be incredibly helpful to anyone interested in Blogging as a career.

More on The Wheelers Centre

For those of you who don’t know about the Wheelers Centre, you can read more about it here.  It is a huge building in the middle of Melbourne that is devoted to Books, Writing and Ideas.  The centre hosts literary events, the Emerging Writers Festival, short courses, long workshops and education programs. The Wheeler Centre is a government initiative that positions Melbourne as one of seven international UNESCO cities of Literature.

Dedicated to the discussion and practice of writing and ideas through a year-round programme of talks and lectures, readings and debates, the Wheeler Centre also brings together literary organisations including Writers Victoria,Melbourne Writers FestivalEmerging Writers FestivalExpress MediaSpunc and Australian Poetry.

If you are an Australian Writer, particularly if you are based in Victoria then I strongly suggest you subscribe to the Wheelers Centre  today.  You are probably a lot smarter than me, and have already joined.  Love your work.

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