Can I Crowdfund?

Is it fair for me to Crowdfund my work when I have not contributed to others’?

12 June 2013 – Crowd funding

I am wasting my time on Facebook as usual, when a see something that makes me think.  A friend has shared a link to help crowd fund his movie.  It is not the first time I have seen a friend doing this.  Wyrmwood and Newtown are projects that friends of mine have crowd funded.

The Emerging WriterThe thing is, I have never had any money to contribute to their projects.  Is it fair for me to crowdfund my work when I have not contributed to others’.  I am still confused about what I am offering and why I am asking.  I defiantly feel a bit uncomfortable about asking people to help me make my dream come true, when they are going to nothing out of it.

I started to do a little research.  The two most popular sites to crowd fund online is Kickstarter and Pozible.  I also found a TED talk video by Amanda Palmer called The Art of Asking.  Interesting… There is a lot to consider.

If anyone is thinking about Crowd Funding their work and are not sure about, I recommend watching this video, I’ve put a link in up there.


by Meg

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