Catching bird flu from Anne Lamott

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How naive I look…

22nd of July 2013 – So the two weeks of Editing did not exactly go as I planned and hoped.  Th two weeks of editing is now over and I spent the better part of that time taking pain killers and lying in bed with a terrible virus.  Dam you creative Jesus for smitting my plans!  I think it was bird flu.  I have been reading a lot of Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott and now we are living with three chickens.  I tried to turn my work into smaller more manageable tasks, but the chickens seem to peak crazily at each other as they run around.  I must be / they must be crazy.

Great house though.  Wonderful place to house sit, minus the bird flu.

What to do about The Reader and her expectations of receiving the novel on the 31st of July?  I am going to have to cancel, it is just far too stressful and impossible.

Check out this article if you are interested in saving some money and finding a quite house to write in for a while. A Quick Guide to House Sitting.


by Meg

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