Writing on Public Holidays

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25th December 2012 – Christmas is such a busy time, everyone is heading in a thousand different directions.  Use that to your advantage.  Tell one groups of friends you are going one way – and the other group you are going the other way.  Last Christmas I managed to write on Christmas eve, Christmas day, boxing day and early in the evening on New Years Eve.  It was wonderful

Public Holidays are known to be relaxing, with everyone laying about the house and no one having to work.  I love them because they are one of the few days every year when I know I will be able to write.

The afternoon of Christmas day and everyone has gone to sleep.  There is not a lot left to do but sit down with your laptop, after too much champagne and write a few sentences.  Everything else is closed and there is no need to procrastinate.

Thinking Time

3rd December 2012 – So much of my time is spent thinking.  Writing is thinking – written down.

Right now I work somewhere that is perfect for thinking, at a cafe in Redfern.  I have worked there for more than fours years and though it can be quite a hard and physical job at times, I have been doing it for so long that it doesn’t take so much thought anymore, I am not learning anything, which can be so hard.  So today, at work I was thinking, really thinking.  Christmas is around the corner and I started to plan Christmas decorations this year.

The Emerging writer, writing, space, ideas.

My Second Writing Space

I wondered what religion some of my character were and weather or not they would celebrate Christmas, and how?  The radio was on at my work and I wondered if any of my characters could make music?  Or what they listened to.  I wrote notes and shoved them in my pocket.

My novel is going to be written on the back of a café docket, I swear it.

PS – This is my new writing space.  I got a desk and a chair from a good friend of mine and have put it into the spare room.  Everyone from the house uses it, but I don’t mind to share.  Its on loan.