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20 April 2013 – I have been doing a heap of writing at the moment.  My Fiance (I think he needs a capital letter ) is heading over seas for two months.  It has been great and I think I have a pretty good outline of where I want this to start and finish.  Now I just need to work on the middle.

At an engagement party over the weekend I started talking to a 96 year old woman, grandmother of the groom, who was finding herself a little put out by the fact that all her friends kept dying.  She told me that she was researching different avenues to fill her days.  It came out that she used to work a lot in English, teaching and editing.  I asked her if she would be interested in spending some time looking over my first novel.  She said she would be delighted.

We talked about a dead line for me to have the work ready.  She kindly asked that I not make her wait too long till she could read it, as she winked.  We decided three months would be great.

Shit – so here we go.  My first dead line – Fuck.


by Meg

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