Failing NaNoWriMo

Writing for NaNo, Emerging Writer, Meghan Brewster,

Writing for NaNo, Emerging Writer, Meghan Brewster,

Failing NaNoWriMo, Meghan Brewster, emerging writer









So I failed the challenge of the National Novel Writing Month – There is no other way to put it.  I fell short of the word target by about 15 000 words. That is a bit less than a third of the challenge.  But I have to tell you though that I was not idle during the month of November, and I am still quite proud of what I achieved.

NaNo reminded me of how easy it is to write once you get out of your own way and sit down to do the work

In the month of November I have finished writing my first Ebook, have a designer working on the jacket, have hired my first editor to work on the project and have updated and expanded the website.  All of this was achieved while organising a wedding, backpacking through Southern Thailand and writing 35 ooo words for NaNo.  (I am smiling right now)

I am not trying to make up excuses for not doing the writing, I am simply saying that regardless of my failure I have had a fantastic month and if it weren’t for NaNo I would not have a great half-draft for my next project – ready to go.

I am so glad I was a part of it.  NaNo reminded me of how easy it is to write once you get out of your own way and just sit down to do the work.  I thought I would spend a month writing garbled nonsense but I didn’t.  I managed to really lay down a strong foundation for my next novella.  I found a few great characters in Thailand and was completely inspired by the location and history.

As well as writing a half-draft of a novella about Thailand, I found that my mind was so receptive to new ideas that I had to start another folder just to keep track of all my new ideas.  Once I was relaxed into the writing I found that I was like a little beacon on the beach in Thailand attracting ideas straight out of the sky.

I just have to try again next year.


by Meg

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