Finding a home

06 June 2013 – Before I tell you where I am right now, I need to first fill you in on where I have been for the last few days.  No I haven’t been writing.  I have been in and out of real estate offices, traveling back and forth between house inspections and walking through horrible old rental houses.  I have been in a dark place.


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Finding our home

So when my mother tells me this morning that a friend of hers is looking for a house sitter, I am sceptical.  But she is my mum and I promised her I would go and look at it.  I am already heading in that direction.

The house is incredible.  The owners live with a cute dog called Poppy who needs looking after for three months.  We have gone from Sydney rent – to Country rent – to No rent!  What a perfect time to write.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Sydney to pick up a few more things and of course the boyfriend.  I have barely written at all during this last week, but I am considering it a win.  Can’t wait to move in.


by Meg

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