Finding Literal Space

The perfect writing space does not exist.  There I said it.  You can stop looking!

Take a look around you now, Where are you sitting as you read this?  Perhaps you are on the train or at the kitchen table.  This space around you now is your space to write.  That is it.  You are in it!  Now.  So get to it.

There is no excuse to not write because you don’t have the ‘room’.  I am between desks at the moment and so I spend a lot of time writing on my bed, leaning against the bed head.  This is where I am right now.  It is not ideal for my back, eyes or neck, but there is always space to write if you want to find it.

For a more permanent solution to find a space to write in, check out these alternatives to a conventional office…

The Emerging Writer, Writing in cafes, Places to writeCAFÉS  – There is always room for you to write in a cafe, if you are prepared to buy it.  You just cant sit about in a cafe not buying anything and expect to stay.  If you are like me and cant drink coffee in the afternoon anymore, you might find yourself  buying something to stay that you don’t even want. Heading to a café, sounds like a good idea, but it doesn’t always work out well.  I suggest avoiding places with table service, as the wait staff tend to never leave you alone.

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PARKS – Parks are cheaper alternative to the cafe if you dont want to be charged to rent the space.  The success of writing in parks normally depends on the weather and the time of day – but when the conditions are right it is envigorating and freshing to be outside.  the downside is that you often can’t see your computer screen and usually get a pretty sore back.  My advice would be to aim for working with pen and paper and do some sky gazing, take notes.  Parks are where I try and do most of my planning.

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LIBRARIES – You can never use a lack of space as an excuse not to write.  What about your local library?  Every town has one, and chances are if you pay tax, you probably helped to build it.  It’s a great way to get away from the house without feeling like you have to keep on buying coffees to stay.  Better than a park on a cold wet day.  I also love the fact that I am surrounded by so many incredible stories and writers as I work.  Libraries help remind me of what I am doing, what I am competing against and the standard I should be aiming for.  It is also a great place to find new authors who might just change your life.

The Emerging WriterWARDROBES – I love this inventive space saving solution.  A wardrobe office is defiantly on my wish list, especially as I am quite a messy writer and would love to close the door and make it all disappear at the end of the day.  You might need to get a bit brutal when cleaning out the wardrobe in the spare room, but what a treat if you can make it work.  A secret cave of writing mystery.

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A FOLDER OFFICE – When I am writing over seas I work from my folder office.  When I open the folder, be it on the plane, in the hotel or on the beach in Thailand – I am in my office and I am in work mode.  If you don’t have somewhere you can leave your notes, get a great folder organise it, and take it with you, opening it up and you are at your desk, where ever that is.

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AN INCENSE OFFICE – Remember your sense of smell?  If you are writing at your kitchen table, smells aromatherapy and incense are a great tool to transform space in your home into your office.  (I always use peppermint, as it is a natural stimulant)  By using the same scent every time you sit down to write, that smell will trigger the sensation of work in your brain.


by Meg

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