Finding Unexpected Support

26 April 2013 –I was scared to tell people I was thinking of and trying to write a book.  I thought they would either tell me I was crazy and stupid, or question my motives and my qualifications and think I was a wanker.

The Emerging Writer, writing

Feeling the Love

The truth is that some people did.  And I shead a little baggage from my life.  The ones that didn’t offered me such a staggering amount of support that I find it hard to imagine getting anything done without them.  Now I can call people after 5 on my days off and tell them I have been writing and they smile and take it and we move on.  Sometimes I talk about it like its work.  And they now know to ask how it is going, which is such a nice strep towards normalizing the life that I imagine is coming my way.  I am so glad I told people what I was up to.


by Meg

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