Hi Manuscrapped, I’m Leigh

I’ve never been good with introductions… Look them in the eye, say “Hi”, shake their hand, comment on something interesting, laugh politely, don’t stuff it up.

I’m much more comfortable sitting in the corner watching people walk by without having to play the polite ‘Getting to know you’ game.

But I’m here and I’m going to be contributing here for a little while at least so we should probably do this before it becomes too late and we have to have that awkward “What did you say your name was again?” conversation.

My name’s Leigh and I’ve decided to write a book.

Funnily, for someone who’s on an emerging writers blog, this will actually be my third book. I’ve written two personal development books for my website the Attraction Institute, but don’t let that lull you into any misconceptions about the my familiarity with story structure or the faintest whiff of literary talent.

My sole learning from writing those two books was how to type quickly.

Neither bear any resemblance to what Robert McKee calls the objective of quality writing: A good story told well.

The first was a straight up ‘How to’ guide and the second was an unstructured, loose interpretation of ‘How to’ guide that was fashioned into a sloppy fiction novel, purely because it gave me more space to answer the questions people always asked when I explained the theory.

So here I am: to study, to understand, and to share everything I learn about how to write a good story, well.

The game plan (right now) is to hit this sequentially.

The first part of my journey will be discovering the logical sequence I have go through to write a book (I like logical sequences).

Once I’ve done that, I’ll get into the down and dirty of working through those steps, putting the metaphorical pen to the metaphorical paper (does anyone write with pen and paper any more?), and blasting out a book.

As I’m doing this, you’ll get it all. You get the good and most importantly, the bad, as I navigate my way through the minefield of my first real fiction book.

Stay tuned.


by Leigh

I've lost count of the numbers letters and words I've hacked together to create loosely structured ideas and thoughts but now I'm ready for more - to write good stories, well. If you're the kind of person who slows down at an accident to gawk at the carnage, you might enjoy this :-)

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  1. Raf says:

    Hey Leigh !
    Wish you all the best through the process of writing and discovery and cannot wait to read you 🙂


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