House Sitting

The Emerging WriterThis is the story of living rent free for a while.  Writing every day and having a simple life.  Leaving friends and distractions and craziness and moving with my partner to the bush for a while to save money and get writing.

 Moving House

We decided to move house rather quickly as it would happen.  I guess that is what happens when you are making the right choice, that neither of you realise till later.   It only took a dinner out at a thai restaurant, a strange feeling of shared unease, and a quick flick through Domain online to decide that we needed to move out of Sydney and back down south to the coastal town that I grew up in.  We both needed to save some money and spend some time seriously working.

Deciding to House Sit

We were not completely sold on the idea of house sitting straight away.  Some friends of our had had one bad experience with a couple they house sat for and we were a little hesitant.  I went reluctantly to meet a couple who had chickens and a small dog that needed looking after for three months.  When I arrived, I loved it.  I loved the couple, the dog the house and the girls. It seemed wonderful and we couldn’t say no.  That is what happened when things just work out.

house sitting, writing, emerging writer, Meghan BrewsterGood Idea – Umm Yes.

UPDATE – 23 August 2013

Since this post about our first house sitting adventure, we have stayed in three more amazing places.  We have traveled around NSW caring for pets, plants and while their owners were away.  In each house we pay our own bills and that is it.  I have saved a lot of money and have been writing full time since we left Sydney.

Emerging Writers Diary, writers house sitting, house sittingUPDATE – 24 November 2013 –

This is a photo from our current house in Melbourne, caring for a dog and a yoga studio.  I am editing Year One at the moment and loving the space to spread out and get a good look at the layout.




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