How to Get A Book Review

There is one very simple way of getting your book reviewed.  It is so obvious that lots of people actually overlook it, searching for more complicated and intricate ways of sneaking a book review from an unlikely suspect.  Ask.

The first three book reviews I received for my book arrived in my email because I had asked for them.

Unless you are a major author with the backing of a big publisher, you are probably going to struggle to get a review in mainstream media.  this also means that the people who are going to be reviewing you book will be doing it for free in their spare time.

So be kind, and gentle and give your reviewer sometime.

The best way to try and get a book review is to ask for one.  There are many people who read you book who would not think to give the book a review online.  So ask them, perhaps at the end of the book if you feel so bold.


We will aim to review as many books as we can, in the small time that we have, with a special consideration for self published Australian Fiction by women.  Also interested in Emerging writers and Australian Science Fiction.  MANUSCRAPPED REVIEW POLICY and how to submit your book.

So send us an enquiry telling us what your book is about, and the length and we’ll get back to you.  Mostly we only refuse to read books if the content is not appropriate for our audience.


self publishing reviews, getting book reviews, Self publishing, self publishing book review, how to get my book reviewed, how to get book reviewsThe people at INDIE READER offer review services from other authors.  It’s an online community.  As a user of the service, make sure you review someone else’s work, to keep the love alive.


If you are in possession of your buyer email addresses because you have sold your book privately through your website, then feel free to ask your readers for a review.  They will probably be flattered to be contacted directly from the author and would love to.  I have found the only people who say no, do so because of time.


Not all of them, but one or two would love to help out.  You just need a couple of your friends and family to give a short review on your sales page, just a couple of sentences to get things rolling.  Just make sure they have actually read the review and have something interesting to say about it.  Make sure they don’t just rave about how talented the author is, or you will end up looking stupid.

Some tips for asking to get your book reviewed

  1. Ask really nicely, and accept that they may say no.  It is better to get a no straight away, than to get a yes, expect a review and never get one.
  2. Acknowledge in your request that you understand the process.  Book reviewing takes a long time and is almost always (with bloggers) done for free.
  3. Send the book. In your query make sure to offer both versions of the book, the PDF and the print copy, or both.  For free.  No questions asked.  weather they review it or not – they need the book.
  4. Approach a Blogger – for a review and if they like the book, give them a few copies to give away.  Give them something in return.  They will enjoy having something to give away just as much as you will enjoy their review.
  5. Give the reviewer at least 6 weeks – How long will it take to review the book?  Any good will reviewer will either read the book twice through, or read it once slowly – which takes time.  they then need to write the review, format it and post it online.  This could take weeks, as they are also working a full time job, have a family friends and a life.  Also, if they are a serious blogger they may already have the month post planned out, and your review will not be posted until next month.  Don’t stress.  After 6 weeks, feel free to kindly remind the reviewer that you were so very excited to get their opinion of your work, and that you hope everything is ok.
  6. Thank the reviewer afterwards.  You are more likely to get another review in the future if you take to time to thank the reviewer for all their hard work.  give them links to their blog, promote their writing and make a new friend online.



by Meg

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