Is there such a thing as an Emerging Writer?

what is an emerging writer?, Emerging writers

what is an emerging writer?, Emerging writersThere is no such thing as an Emerging Writer – You are either born a writer or you’re not.’

The other day while I was discussing my website with a group of people, I was confronted by this harsh and elitist response.  ‘Wow…’ I thought as I listened to the strangest rant I have ever heard in my life, ‘Do people really believe this?’

To say that you are born a writer completely negates everyones ability to grow, change, learn and evolve.  As an ex high school teacher I cannot believe in this kind of twisted fatalistic dogma.  To believe that we cannot learn to be a writer (well) is scary and weird.

To Emerge: to develop, unfold, to come forth, arrive, turn up.

I do agree with people who state that some children are better build, physically, to play different sports, but that does not mean that every tall child ‘is born’ a basketball player.  Children who enjoy reading at a young age will probably have a better vocabulary and a heightened sense of grammar structures, which will most likely mean that they do well in English – but that is about it.

Of course there is such a thing as an Emerging Writer, with the same truth as there are apprentice plumbers, pre pubescent teenagers, crawling infants who can’t yet walk and journalists applying for newspaper cadetships.  To say that we are born a complete sum of our eventual parts is horrifying to say the least and is an elitist approach to words, which by their nature, consistency and rules are meant to be inclusive, shared and experienced by as many people possible.

I believe I am an Emerging Writer.  I am certainly not a professional writer and I don’t expect to be treated like one.  I am also not not a writer either.  I am in a half way place, and it helps to have a name for it.  I wont be an Emerging Writer for ever, as emerging, by definition indicates a motion forward, but for the moment, it’s a great place to be.

Don’t let anyone tell you, ‘You are either born a writer or you aren’t’.

Bit your thumb at them and walk away.



IMG_0493Meghan Brewster is a Blogger, Freelance writer and general spinner of Fiction. She is the founder and editor of The Emerging Writers Diary, as well as Itp & Me, a website dedicated to managing the rare platelet disorder, ITP. To find out more about Meghan Brewster follow this link.  By making purchases through links on this website you are helping to support a young emerging writer. Thank you.



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2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as an Emerging Writer?

  1. jenny says:

    Everyone can learn new skills; we are not just programed for one thing or one skill or one event; our abilities and interested are nurtured and enhanced by the context of the life we live and the influences through family and friends, education and training, and IT, TV and social media… And once we have mastered one thing we can then move on and learn something new…aren’t we clever…and that makes us and life interesting.
    Maybe I could even learn to be a writer or a blogger…it’s just the confidence to start …. keep up the good work….

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