Manuscrapped Review Policy

UPDATE February 2016:

Manuscrapped is currently on Maternity Leave and not accepting Review Submissions until October 2016

Manuscrapped accepts reviews from Australian Indie & Self Published Writers.

We do however must admit to favouritism, we are only accepting reviews for  Science or Literary Fiction.  Due to our reviewers personal taste we tend not to review horror, Erotica, Action or Crime.  We do not review non-fiction.

Book Review Submissions

To submit your book for review, please send us an email with a brief overview of your book.  Please include

  • A bit about the author
  • the blurb copy
  • the genre
  • the length of your book
  • the format by which you would like to submit, we accept hardcover books and eFormats
  • The release date of your book

If we like the sound of your book, we will be in touch, asking you to send us your book.  While we try to review every book we receive, we cannot guarantee that it is possible.  If we are unable to review your book after it has been submitted we will let you know.

Honest Policy

We try to be as honest as possible when it comes to our review.  If we did not finish you book – we may still review it  – stating the reason why we did not get to finish it, or why we chose not.

Please remember that book reviews take a long time and a lot of effort.  So, if it feels your book got a bad review please remind yourself that we still saw it worth the effort to review.

By submitting your book for review, you agree to be open to our reviewing process and won’t enter into negotiations once the review is published.


by Meg

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