Going to My First Book Launch

The Emerging writer

Driving home

23 May 2013 –  I did not realise it at the time, but now that I am  tucked up safely in bed it has dawned on me that I just went to my very first book launch – Without even realising.

Tonight I was in Wollongong for the launch of a collection of poetry published by collaboration between the Wagga Wagga prison and the south Coast Writers Centre.

I got two things out of this evening.

One, I don’s want to comit a crime and go to prison so that I will have more time to work on my poetry.

Two, I have been incredible timid with my depiction of a storm in my novel.  As I drove back to Sydney from Wollongong in some of the worst weather I have ever seen I realised just how cowardly I had been a few nights ago when writing about a storm.  A storm, in all its fury, could rip your whole world apart – I had forgotten that.


by Meg

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