Organising that trip to Melbourne

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For 6 Nights, I will be swapping this view…

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 …for this view.

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Three days to Go!  Now I am going to be honest with you, I don’t much care for big cities at the moment – but I very much like Emerging Writers and I am very into Festivals, So… I will make an exception.

I have been living on the Far South Coast of NSW for the last four months and have become very used to the pace of things down here (Up here I guess?).  People drive slowly and everyone talks about the surf; waiters moonlight as prawn fishermen and everyone in the whole town wants to see photos from my wedding.  Everyone is someone here.

Traveling Solo

So I am bracing myself for Melbourne – Where no one will talk to me in the supermarket and people wont recognise my car.  Actually, I am a little worried about heading to the Festival on my own.

Normally I would be with some literary enthusiast friend who will come with me to hear strange readings of absurdest poetry or drink coffee with me during breaks at the writers centre.  Nope!  Not this time!  Just me.  It will be just like that time I was left on Pier 2 @ Sydney Writers Festival because my best friend had to go to her mothers birthday party or something?  Where was the loyalty?  Just suddenly go very nervous about making friends in Melbourne.

Things that are incredibly less fun to do on your own include playing Uno (funny really considering the name) going to Writers Festivals in other cities, getting lost in other cities, dropping tiny cakes in cafes only to instinctively flick it back up onto the plate with your knee, leaving you thrilled and impressed and turning on the spot hoping someone else saw it, cause no body will believe you (or care) when you tell them later.

Must remember not to do any sort of  impressive small-cake acrobatics while I’m away – will only lead to sadness.

I fly down to Melbourne on Thursday afternoon.  Thank goodness my home town has an airport!

Things to do before I go
  1. Look for MyKi Card from last trip to Melbourne.
  2. Pack (Walked into laundry just then and realised this would be greatly facilitated by washing clothes first)
  3. Wash clothes.
  4. Pack.
  5. Check email about how I get my tickets.
  6. Book Accommodation.
  7. Investigate the coffee at the Wheelers Centre.
  8. Download last Ep of Mad Men to watch on the plane.
  9. Verbalise desire to borrow a bike for 6 nights and see if I can manifest one.
  10. Ask Friends & Family if anyone is friends with Hannah Kent?

Im pretty sure getting around will be easy enough in Melbourne.  Between the trains, trams and foot traffic potential I am not too worried about getting to where I need to go.  Have just been reading article from #ewf14  Getting around Melbourne Guide‘ and everything looks close together.  I am hoping I can get my walking feet on actually.

Ok time to get serious!




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