Coming Across Giant Holes in your Story

27 June 2013 – I have been ruthless with my work at the moment.  I am doing a lot of research and really being ruthless about the layout and outline of the plot and location.  I want to be clear about the details and consistent with the trajectory.  I dont want the word count to get any bigger until the plan is air tight.

Huge holes are opening up in front of me, as I pull it apart and build it again

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From Another Angle

This frame I am building is going to have to support more than 100 percent of its current weight.  I have to make sure it is strong so I can write it faster – and have it ready in time to give it to The Reader.

I was not too sure if having a due date to give to The Reader was going to have a negative effect on my work but it has turned out to be a blessing.  I think I was being far too precious for too long.

As I work faster and with a slight distance to the work, it is easier to see the flaws.  Huge holes are opening up in front of me, as I pull it apart and build it again.

I am also starting to really understand that this book will be one of many.  I have stopped holding it so close to me – I am feeling a professional distance brought on my the coming of my dute date – more of a get it DONE notion.  Not that I am not deeply attached and affected by the story.  I just feel like it is more of a teenager than a toddler now.  It has come away from my metaphorical breast.

Heading to Sydney this weekend for a whale watching trip.  Should be fantastic to get so close to them.  Just worried I wont get too much work done on the trip up and back.


by Meg

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