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The Emerging Writer, Writers, Reading reviews, Book reviews.27th of July 2013 – Saturday.

I drive to the loval supermarket for coffee, lunch and the papers.  The weekend papers… is there anything else like them on earth?  Reading them on a Saturday, you could start to think you life was about to start.  You make plans and notes, and dream holidays and new clothes and you feel for a second as though you are completely In Touch with everything…Right before you are completely over whelmed and turn the papers aside as there is just too much to read.   Well I only read one section every time, the Book Pages.

The Book Pages are where I find treasure, feel connected, follow the trends and new publishers work, find out which famous author may have passed away leaving a mysteriously unpublished manuscript.  This is like Woman’s Day for the thinking lady.

Every Saturday I make it my mission to read these pages.  It is so important to stay up to date with what is going on – who is publishing what and when – and for how much.

I recommend it – for a bit of routine at least.


by Meg

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