Why Do I Only Get Queries From Dudes?

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So, I review books.

My details are on a number of different websites, including this one, outlining how indie authors and writers can get in contact with me about reviewing their work.  Authors send me queries, which include details of their novels, and they ask me if I would be interested in reviewing their work.  I say yes to as many reviews as I can.

I receive one or two requests each day.  Many of these I turn down due to time restrictions or a disinterest in the blurb of the book.  But I read every request, consider it and respond.  I have a REVIEW POLICY that helps me choose the books I will consider for review.

I decided that I would always give preference to Indie Australian Female writers as that is my community, and you need to support your own.  The only thing is, they never write to me – Ever.  Since I started receiving queries for book reviews I have only ever been contacted by male writers.

I don’t want to speculate as to why this is the case.  I don’t wish to make assumptions about what this means within our society, or the motivation driving women to resist submitting.  I don’t care to presume all female writers have the same motivations or the same marketing strategies.  I am simply writing this because I hope to get an influx of queries from ladies who are interested in getting their books reviewed.


Update:  Since writing this post I received one email from a woman in regards to a book review.  She was writing to me about her husband’s novel.


by Meg

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