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You only need to do a quick internet search to uncover thousands of ways to market your self-published book.  One of the best resources available to a self-published writer is Jenny Blake’s 15 Tab Book Marketing Spreadsheet (You can find a link to it below).  I would suggest having a long read through all of her advice on the matter.

I personally used it with the marketing of my first self-published book and it was amazing.

Jenny Blake taught me to never underestimate the power of your friends and family when it comes to marketing your book.  They don’t even have to have read it and they will love it.


When it comes to incorporating Social Media Marketing in the sale of you book, it’s important to be genuine.  Genuine relationships with other bloggers online is a wonderful community to build.

DeRoche was a personal blogger who went to great lengths to establish a genuine audience through social media before publishing her first memoir.

When she finally had a finished work to launch, there was an audience waiting.  It took her eight months from starting the blog to getting the publishers deal with her first memoir Love with a Chance of Drowning.


A press release is an excellent idea – and here’s another…

Do you remember where you grew up?  There is going to be a lot of support for you in your home town, in your friendship circles, and from your family.

Tell the newspaper where you grew up that you’ve published a book.  Journalists are a great one to approach with an already constructed story.  This means they don’t have to do too much work.


If you can afford it, do it.  Make a trailer for people to share, Book trailers are often far more engaging than a cover blurb.

Trailers are more interesting to share, quickly emotive to an audience and work well on social media.


A book launch is such a classic concept that it seems strange to release a book without on.  Perhaps not anymore.

Traditional Book Launches are a not what they used to be.  And according to the publishers at last year’s Emerging Writers Festival, they don’t sell books.

Book Launches rarely are able to bring in a new crowd for your work.  Mostly Book Launches are attended by friends family and loyal fans who already knew about your new book and were already going to buy it.

If you insist on having a book party (and you certainly can) understand that it is just that, a party.  Book Launches and Book Parties should not be considered part of the marketing strategy, and therefore not a priority when it comes to budgeting and funding.

Marketing and the product –

Put effort into packaging and making a good product.  Presentation was really important. Called on friends to help promote the book once it was released.  After it was published she received publisher interest had since sold the rights to film – and has a lot of success.

Made a trailer for the book to add to her own abilities to self-promote.  Lots of people make a trailer for their book – but get it done by a professional or it could do more harm than good.

If you cannot afford a trailer you might be able to organise an online interview about the work, to share on youtube instead.  Costs less and will still create intrigue.

Another blogger suggests that marketing does not need to happen once the book is finished – he advises people to get their audience in involved in the whole process – getting crowd feed back on the novels title and even the cover art – choose between two. That way they feel involved with the work and are proud of the product when it comes out.


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