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Phantasy Writers’ Group

I am considering ways to overcome my isolation.  I think I need to join/start a Writers’ Group.  Notice, very carefully that I am not intereted in a Writing Group, but more a group of writers.

I have been reading a little about the groups and understanding more and more about the different kinds you can get.

A Writing Group – is where the WRITING is the focus.  Maybe you even write there in the session.  You read your work outloud or give it to each other to Edit.  All that sort of stuff.  Im not looking for that at all.

The Emerging Writer, Emerging Wrtiers, Writing, Starting a Writers group.

The more likely Reality

A Writers’ Group –  Where the WRITERS are the focus, where we talk about our weeks or months.  How we get work done, what distracts us.  We never swap a few hunderd pages and head to the post office for a red pen.  I want to talk out aloud about my work and hear myself come up with the solution.  I want to hear that other peoples struggles are my struggles, that writing and the pain involved in universal.

Maybe from my Writers group I might find a kindred spirit, Anne of Green Gables style and we could later talk about exchanging our work one on one – but that is not the aim right now.  That is for later.

If you are thinking about starting a Writers’ Group yourself.  Check out these tips and guidelines I found and have put together.

How to Start a Writers Group



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