Finalising your Plan for Writing

Emerging writers blog, THe Diary of an Emerging Writer, Plan for Writing, how to plan a writing career.After all of that brainstorming and collecting ideas, now is the time when you get to decide what is important to you and what you really want to get done next year.  This is the best part.

How to record you Plan for Writing

Not all the things from your brainstorming session will make it into your Plan for Writing.  Somethings you might want to note down for another year or perhaps you would like to make a 5 year plan as well.  That’s great.  Now you can get started writing it up!

When finalising your Plan for Writing, make sure that it is in your own handwriting.  You need to be the one who writes it down, don’t type it up on the computer and print it off – Write it.  It is important that you recognise your handwriting, can remember sitting down and taking the time to write it all out.  It will feel more real, more yours.

Also, if the plan is written in your handwriting it will help you to remember that you made the plan!  You wrote it! And fantastically, this means that you can change it when ever you need to.  It is flexable for whenever you outgrow some goals and achieve others.  One of my goals last year was to make $100 from writing freelance articles online.  My first job paid me $130 for one article a few days later.  I had to reassess that plan and realised I was thinking smaller than I should have been.

How you write it up will depend on where you want to keep it.  Some people like to have it up on a wall where they can see it every day.  While others like to keep their walls free for their story plots.  I like to keep my plans in a big book.  Where I can stick in images, articles and courses I have cut out: a scrap book where all my writing goals are written down.

Where to put it?

The Emerging writers diary, planning your writing career, Plan for Writing, Emerging writer blogsPublic? – The most important thing I can tell you about where to put your Plan for Writing, is that you need to make sure that it is safe!  This plan not only is your guide for the next year, but it contains goals and dreams that might still be vulnerable or romanticised.  You need to take care of them and keep them safe from people who might not understand how important they are to you.

I have been to a lot of houses where people have put their plans up for all to see, such as  in the bathroom, like this picture.  I am not a big fan of this.  It feels a bit too public and almost a little cheezey.  I find these public places can often turn your goals and ambitions for writing into a fad or a phase.  I find it best to keep your goals safe and secure.  Don’t think your are hiding them away, but more protecting them from cynicism, judgement and other people’s fears.

Emerging Writers blogs, Plan for writing, planning your writing careerPrivate? – If you would like to have your Plan for Writing on a wall, I would suggest either your own private bathroom, writing office or behind your bedroom door.

I have already shown you where I like to keep my Plan for Writing.  In a big book.  I like this because not only can I write and stick and tear out things from the book.  This is also the best option for traveling with your plans.  My partner and I are still quite unsettled at the moment.  We are house sitting, traveling Australia and have just made plans to head to Thailand for a few weeks.  I want to be able to bring these books with me.

I also get a chance to see what my goals used to be.  I get to look over what my plan was last year.  I love seeing how far I have come.

Where have you put your Plan for Writing?

Share your ideas for planning the future below.



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A Weekend of Writing

Writing Group, Emerging Writers, Writing18th August 2013 – As you all know, I recently moved to the Far South Coast with my partner, where I am writing full time.  I have been working from an office in our home, sitting by my self day in and day out.  So you can imagine what a thrill it was for me to spend the day with an amazing group of writers, all coming together to really work on their skills.  It was great.

The Writers of the Far South coast  get together once a month to read each others work, talk about issues in the writing community, hear from speakers, meet interesting people and talk about words.

I left there reminded of how much I love the simple act of writing, inspired to hurry home and work all weekend.

I might even find a writers group here! Hopefully.

Inspired by life

31st July 2013 – The Diary of an Emerging Writer

I am getting inspiration from life!

Today, in honor of the coffee that has got me through the first half of a very shitty first draft, I have named my main female character Vitoria.  She was Victoria for the whole plot treatment.  Today as I looked down at my delicious 3/4 latte I decided she would forever be known as Vitoria instead.

My Life is Influencing my Writing

21 June 2013– So my routine is working out so well.  I have been writing in this cafe Booktique  every day since I decided to be more routine.  My little card is filling quickly with stamps.

The cafe has changed, but when I was little I used to come here with my mum after important days at primary school.  I remember the taste of milkshakes after being given merit awards and seeing a Florentine for the first time.  Now it is a book store and café and I am writing a novel in it.  Someone from my school walked past, and I have not seen her for eleven years.  She blew me a kiss, and yet I cant remember her name.

 I am so glad that I have had a few bad days.  It was a nice reminder that I actually have to work at this, every day.  I think I was getting lazy and expected a lot of it to be easy, but it isn’t and it wont be in the future.  Routine really is key.

As I sit here, looking out the window I keep on seeing familiar faces.  I am back in my home town after ten years of being away.  I have not seen a lot of these faces for ten years, but I recognise them and they recognise me.  It is a strange sensation, to throw my arm in the air and wave and smile as I recognise high school friends’ mothers, my mothers work friends and the couple that own the post office.

That theme is now emerging in my book.  My main characters have been separated for ten years now, and as I write about there reunion, I am writing from my own experience of seeing people again after being away so long.  It is a difficult moment to write, when two characters come together and recognise each other and the time that has past simultaneously.  Often they speak into your past.  Talking to you as though you are unchanged.  It is magical, like time travel, and you are reminded of who you once where and where you are now.

I often get so shocked when people remember who I am, or my face and can pick me out of a crowd.  Because I rarely see my own face, it is probably the face I know the least.

One more work hour to go – getting back to it.

Inspired by old photographs

The emerging writer, writing, ideas

Kiah inlet c1900

15 February 2013 – I am reading so much about whaling at the moment.  The histories – the tools, the terminologies – it is so interesting.  Everything about it is so mythological and banal.  So barbaric and so simple, yet there is so much magic and ritual around the whole rite of it.

I am reading about the different opinions people had of whalers; from blood thirsty animals that worked in a abattoir, to magical heroic gods that risked their lives to light the world.

I have become fascinated with the spiked shoes the flensers used to wear to walk on the body of the whales.

I also am going to try and get my hands on a copy of Moby Dick, by Herman Melville.

Always have more than one project

09 February 2013– When I was a painter, one of the most important lessons I learnt was that you should never just work on one painting at a time.  My lecturers at art school where always talking about how over worked a painting will end up if it is the only thing in your studio.

The Emerging Writer

Old Studio Pic

With one at a time you will blow your whole load, over work it and ruin it.  With two, there was somewhere to turn when you were having a bad day.  With three going at once, there was room for the three stages of working – A fresh young idea, a half worked out brain storm, and something that just needed the final touches.  I like the idea of having somewhere to go, as the projects are finished.

  1. I have a novel to work on, which is quite huge in size and intricate and developed and needs a lot of work.
  2. I have this website, which is great for 10 minute tasks that can break up readings and proofing.
  3. I have another diary that I write ideas and nonsense and other thoughts, which is great to read over if I am having a sticky day.

This website has become a saviour for me in those times when I cannot seem to find anything else left in me to write So I come here, to keep my fingers going, to not break the beat of things,to debrief about my day, and think about what I have been doing for the last week.


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Local factory workers

14th January 2013 – During our stay on the far south coast, one of the things I really wanted to do was go to the Whaling Museum.  There are a lot of ideas moving round and round in my head, and I have a great sense of place and country, by no direction with the characters are story.  I have fallen in love with the nature of the novel, but I am wondering if there is even a story there to tell.

The Emerging Writer, ideas, writing

More Whales

I have been doing a lot of research online, this is the first time I have gone somewhere myself and really sort out research for the novel.  I am carrying my laptop again – but I must confess I don’t have the strength to tell the lady I am here researching my first novel.

$18 for my Annual Pass and my name is written in a special members book.  At the door as I leave, with my camera full of pictures and notes, I find maps and pamphlets and information about local historic sites.

I feel like a writer today, and it has given me the encouragement I need to drive the 3 hours to the Davidson Whaling Station – Tomorrow.

The Forgettable Idea

Act swiftly when a good idea strikes

It wasn’t until recently that I really understood how important it is to be prepared for a good idea.  It is amazing how forgettable a good idea is.

I woke up this morning with the most extraordinary images, idea and story in my head.

My heart was racing when I woke and I was struck with a feeling of wonder and owe.  In my dream, I had been on the most epic, emotional and vivid adventure of my life.  I was desperate to know what happened next.  There were new characters I had just met and we were sailing, or floating, charging towards some destiny, demanding the water to move with us.  I woke more motivated and excited than I have been in weeks.  I rolled towards the center of the bed, my partner smiled, said good morning and kissed me.

The stories disappeared.

They were gone.  I have one scene left – the last of the dream that I can half conjure.  Of a man, with the water moving through him, standing on the edge of life, his hands raised demanded to be let through.  I don’t know what to make it now.  The visions are gone.  The characters, gone.  I wasn’t prepared, there was no paper beside my bed, no pen, to lamp to switch on in the darkness.  I rolled towards my partner instead of towards my laptop.



Thinking Time

3rd December 2012 – So much of my time is spent thinking.  Writing is thinking – written down.

Right now I work somewhere that is perfect for thinking, at a cafe in Redfern.  I have worked there for more than fours years and though it can be quite a hard and physical job at times, I have been doing it for so long that it doesn’t take so much thought anymore, I am not learning anything, which can be so hard.  So today, at work I was thinking, really thinking.  Christmas is around the corner and I started to plan Christmas decorations this year.

The Emerging writer, writing, space, ideas.

My Second Writing Space

I wondered what religion some of my character were and weather or not they would celebrate Christmas, and how?  The radio was on at my work and I wondered if any of my characters could make music?  Or what they listened to.  I wrote notes and shoved them in my pocket.

My novel is going to be written on the back of a café docket, I swear it.

PS – This is my new writing space.  I got a desk and a chair from a good friend of mine and have put it into the spare room.  Everyone from the house uses it, but I don’t mind to share.  Its on loan.