That First Week as a Writer

24 September 2012…started looking online to see what information is out there to help me become a writer.  I want the best chance of succeeding at this new job of mine, and I have always been a huge fan of reading and researching and writing lists.  After two undergrad degrees I am a professional student.

I have found soooo many ads for Creative Writing Courses – Lots of Bogs written by writers – Realising that there is so much for me to read.  I have got a lot of work to do.

Found something very interesting after a little while of searching.  Realised that ‘The Emerging Writers Festival’ is coming to Sydney in two weeks.  Thinking about going.  Realise I am not ready for that sort of thing.  Everything happening way to fast.  Need a way to make myself accountable to my promise to become a writer…consider getting a website as a sort of public Writers Diary to help keep me on track. 

26 September 2012…Is this even possible?  Like really?  What am I doing?  Right now I am 26 years old and work full time in a cafe in the Inner West of Sydney.  I didn’t even study creative writing at University! I have tried my hand at a few different creative professions, why do I think that this might work?  Insane.

But I can’t stop writing.  I have been writing for years really…

29th September 2012…

Today I told my lover I was going to become a writer, like from now! Like right now!

It seemed strange to say it out aloud and make it so final.  Up until this moment I have always just talked about writing, enjoying writing, joking about books I could write and asking him really late at night….’Do you think I could ever be a writer – like a real one?’

I had not told him yet because I was worried, not that he would laugh at me and think I was completely ridiculous – But I was worried that he would hold me to it, once I said it outloud.  I didn’t want him to know, because I wanted to still be able to change my mind, or if I kept it to myself then no one would know when I failed.

But that is not what this is about.  The decision to become a writer must feel real.  Every Day.  And you must be able to talk to your partner about your work.

Instead of laughing at me and guessing at how long it would be before I quit, he went online.  In a few moments he had purchased me a new domain name, organised hosting for a blog and paid for one non refundable ticket to The Emerging Writers Festival in a few weeks.


Now I have to get out of working at the cafe that weekend! Shit!

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