Today I applied for a Real Job!

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Applying for real writing jobs, writing jobs, Meghan Brewster, the emerging writerA few days ago I applied to write for an online art journal.  In my application I had to fill out a form about myself, summarise my career so far and send an example of my work.  The easiest part of this application was the word summarise, as my career is so limited, no summary was needed.

While I was in Singapore last week I wrote an article about an exhibition I saw at Dempsey Hill.  When I read over the article yesterday I saw all of my mistakes and errors.  I cringed.

I almost didn’t apply because I was so scared and did not feel like I was good enough to actually do the job.  Now that I look over my application, it is clear that there is no way I will get the position.  And yet I hope.

I really want this job.  It would be fantastic.  If I am successful, I will start writing exhibition reviews for the online Art journal straight away.  I will also get paid for my work!!  All I have to do now is wait for a response.

Oh, this is hard.  I have taken myself out for lunch, partially to distract myself and partially reward myself for being brave enough to apply.  At least I have somewhere nice to sit and wait and a sandwich to keep me company.

What will happen to the Winner of the Man Booker Prize


Every year the Man Booker Prize winner is guaranteed a huge increase in sales, firstly in hardback and then in paperback.  There is spin-off too in global sales of books, in future publishing contracts and in film and TV rights. Besides the fortune, the winner of the Man Booker Prize can also be sure of fame. The announcement of the winner has been covered by television, radio and press worldwide.

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The Luminaries

Eleanor Catton


It is 1866, and Walter Moody has come to make his fortune upon the New Zealand goldfields.  On arrival, he stumbles across a tense gathering of twelve local men, who have met in secret to discuss a series of unsolved crimes.  A wealthy man has vanished, a whore has tried to end her life, and an enormous fortune has been discovered in the home of a luckless drunk.  Moody is soon drawn into the mystery: a network of fates and fortunes that is as complex and exquisitely patterned as the night sky.
Udayan will give everything for what he believes and in doing so will transform the futures of those dearest to him: his newly married, pregnant wife, his brother and their parents. The repercussions of his actions will link their fates irrevocably and tragically together, reverberating across continents and seeping through the generations that follow.

The Booker Prize was originally limited to English writers from the Commonwealth but this will be the last year with such a restriction.  From 2014, The Man Booker Prize will be open to authors from everywhere as long as they are written in English and published within the UK the year of the award.  The book cannot be self published or a translation.

The prize was first awarded in 1969, to P H Newby for the novel Something to Answer For.

The prize money awarded with the Booker Prize was originally £21,000, and was subsequently raised to £50,000 in 2002 under the sponsorship of the Man Group.  In 2002 The Man Booker Prize Foundation became a charity.



IMG_0493Meghan Brewster is a Blogger, Freelance writer and general spinner of Fiction. She is the founder and editor of The Emerging Writers Diary, as well as Itp & Me, a website dedicated to managing the rare platelet disorder, ITP. To learn more about Meghan Brewster follow this link. By making purchases through links on this website you are helping to support a young emerging writer. Thank you.


A Quick Guide to House Sitting

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House Sitting is a Great Idea!!  House sitting is a writers best friend.  If you know what you are doing.  Living rent free, often in an isolated or rural environment is a great way to get a lot of writing done without it costing you a fortune.  In the beginning of your career as a writer you will need to be clever with your time and money to get the head start you need.

The Emerging Writer

My house sitting experience

I think house sitting is the best idea ever and it has made our life possible.  House sitting website know how great house sitting is for writers and will often angle themselves towards writers with questions such as….  Need to finish that screen play or ever wanted to spend three months traveling and writing a novel?

The only thing you need to realise is that there will probably be pet care.  Yes there will be Pet Care!!  Most house sits also come with pet care, from chickens and dogs, to horses and fish.  Some people may see this as a negative but I actually think it is one of the perks.  As a writer working from home it’s nice to have a few animals around for company.  And they make a great excuse for a break, feeding the dog and locking the chickens up.

Emerging Writer, Writing, writers, Yes it Actually Works!!  I am writing this article from my new office in a house sit house in the National Park in NSW.  So many ideas people have for saving money sound good in theory, but don’t seem to work in real life.  This one does.  My fiancee and I will be house sitting for the next three months here, and have already had interest from people going away after that.  To read more about my personal experience house sitting Click Here

To read more go to  Ten Questions You Must Ask an Owner Before you House Sit.


  1. You have to be organised.  If you are not organised when you start, you soon will be.  What I am talking about it having a diary and a good idea about the next few months of you life.  Sorting out dates and times and seeing potential houses.
  2. Allow yourself to get settled.  When you first move to a new house, don’t make any commitments for those first three days.  You are going to need to find the supermarket, the butcher and late night chocolate.  Petrol stations are a good one to find early as well as chemists and gyms.
  3. Have your own internet.  Most houses will have their own internet at home that you will be able to use when you arrive, but that might not always be the case.  We have had a few problems with the internet while staying in the National Park with no phone reception as well.  It is always a good idea to be independent with those things if you can.
  4. Ask about Phone reception.  See above.
  5. Prepare for High maintenance pets.  The type of people who don’t or can’t put their animals into long term care are normally very protective and connected to their pets.  Most owners we have met have felt their animals to be very important to them, referring to them like their animals are humans, usually with medications, health needs and a strict routine.  It is always up to you weather or not you take on the responsibilities of the pet.  Owners are also worried about leaving their animals alone for a long time but I send a few photos over the first few days and the owners soon relax.
  Here are some great Australian House Sitting Organisations.
I don’t have enough experience with Overseas House Sitting to recommend anyone I know.
  1. The Emerging Writer

    This is an


How to make your very first dollar

Today I made 82 cents on the internet from my writing.  My first 82 cents.  It was 10 months in the making.  This is not the story of how I made a million dollars or how I managed to get over 20 000 downloads.  This is the story of how I, over 10 months, managed to earn 82 cents from my writing.  It is the hardest 82 cents I have earned but also the most satisfying.  This 82 cents makes me believe that I should keep going and that is priceless.

Having the Idea – I did not know what to write about for a long time.  I knew I wanted to write a blog, so I waited for a while, thinking and hoping that a great idea would come.  Nothing came.  I just waited.

This process went on for a few months, maybe longer.  I was thinking, searching, forcing and trying to tease out a brilliant idea.  I never had one.  I never woke up one morning shouting that I finally had a great idea.  I decided to set up an interim website to learn how to do it, so that I would be ready when the great idea came.  My first website was about health and being sick when you are young.  (I am sick and I am young, so I had a lot to talk about)

I loved it so much I set up  another website about writing, about sitting around waiting for good ideas to come and about how they take ages to appear.  It never occurred to me that those two websites where my good idea until much later.  For a long time I was working on them waiting for something else to happen.  True story.

The Emerging WriterSetting up the web site – This step was quiet easy for me as I live with someone who does this for a living.  He is very good and very fast, so I did not learn much about the setting up of websites.  If you don’t have a tech genius on hand then there are great sites that can guide you through the process of setting up a website.  It should only take you a few hours and will be ready to go in about a day.

I recommend – How to Make a Brand New Website – They have got all the instructions you need, heaps of support along the way and hosting so it is all in one spot.  It will cost you to register the URL (Domain name) and you will need to pay a monthly or yearly fee to have the site hosted.  It’s all there.

Start writing articles – This was the most enjoyable part for me (And still is)  As I went about my day, I was taking photographs, writing articles and making notes for things to post later.  It was great and felt so easy.  I was just writing and posting with no regard for quality or audience.  I was entertaining my self first.

I think if you are really struggling for material to write on the site then you might not have picked the right niche or the write content for your personality.  It has to be natural and authentic and I think, easy.  Otherwise, the writing will be hard to sustain and you will eventually forget about it completely.  Relate it to your immediate environment to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Set up affiliates program online – This whole process probably took 20 mins, maybe less.  There are heaps of programs available to join from big companies such as Amazon Affiliates to smaller programs where you can directly sell individuals products.  You will notice these more, now that I have brought them to your attention.  Only ever sell things that you genienly like or own yourself.  Never try and be sneaky about advertising, if will discredit every other word you have written on the site if you are busted.

The Emerging WriterLink Website to Facebook Page – This was one of the longest processes for me to do and a still am not sure if it is set up right.  I use word press for m hosting, so I have downloaded a few Facebook plugins.  I have the plug in that is attached to each individual article.  Don’t like it too much but have not found anyone who can help out yet?  Anyone?

Actually Learn how to Write Articles  The first articles I wrote were terrible.  I know it.  But I don’t want to take them down or re write them because those articles are where I started.  This site is about being honest about where I started and people being able to see how it all came to be.  Everything you find here is the original stuff that I have built up.  I don’t want anyone to be intimidated by the huge task in front of them – just start.

The Emerging Writer, Writing.

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Keep Writing Articles and reading great writing books.  I started to read a little about writing better articles.  I felt like I wasn’t improving for a long time and I was starting to get a little frustrated.  I read Mark Tredenicks, The Little Red Writing Book.  Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird.  Drew Eric Whitman’s Cashvertising.  Now I can look back on those first posts and realize just how far I have come.  I now write less in a diary format – I have started writing longer more in depth articles exploring a problem I am having at the moment.  I always include an image.  And I always break up a huge piece of text.

Give up hope that anything will happen. – I was completely convinced almost a year later that I had wasted my time.  If I had not enjoyed it all so much I would have given it up.  Definatly.  I had forgotten about the associate program and was not sure why I what I was doing anymore.

10 months later – Head to the Bank!!  Last night when I was heading to bed, thinking about how I could not make it work – I get an email saying that I earnt 82 cents!! Boom!  I had been googling jobs in the area, thinking about how I could become a baby sitter  when I got this email.  It had worked.  The hardest dollar you will ever make is your first dollar.  And I have done it already.

What are you doing for the next 10 months?

The house is packed

The Emerging Writer

Everything we own

24 April 2013 – We have packed up our house and are living with family till we find somewhere down the coast.  The great house hunt beings.  Not spending any money on rent for a while.  Staying with family, so that I can save money for writing full time which is coming soon.  Which is nice – Having such a great support network, that only comes when you tell people outloud what you are planning to do.

Making friends with the café that is three houses away from where I am staying.


Moving somewhere cheaper

03 March 2013 – We are going to move!  We are going to move out of Sydney to somewhere cheaper.

In 2012 Sydney came 7th in the top 10 most expensive cities to live in the world  (SMH).  It is the most expensive place to live in Australia and it feels like it is only getting worse.   Rent has always been a cause for concern among the young creatives I have known.

The Emerging writer, writing, space, time.

Far South Coast

Many have moved to Melbourne and god forbid it, Canberra.  Others live in huge share houses, their own studios, at home with their parents or in Squats around the inner west.

At the moment I am working to afford a life close to my work.  It is a bad cycle to be in and one that needs to stop if I am to have any real time to commit to this change of career.  My fiance works online from home, so he can go anywhere.  So we are going to get out of here for a while.

We are going to move to Merimbula.

Hmmm. Genius?  I think yes.


Can’t Sleep

Staring at my ceiling – cannot sleep.  Keep thinking of crazy ideas for what I can do when I am working for myself from home.  Everything seems so possible at night time – when you’re in a good mood that is.  My lover works from home too, so this will be soooo perfect.  We can hang out all the time.

Shit!  No, we will both be working!  I will have to actually work every day.  So much to do.  I will be in charge of everything.  Now I can’t sleep, have convinced myself that my plan is ridiculous.  Am trying to figure out how to return ticket for The Emerging Writers Festival in a few weeks.  Will owe boyfriend $80.  Don’t have a spare $80.  Problem.