But you haven’t studied writing

03 March 2013 – 

So, I have started telling people that my Fiance and I are moving to the coast and the first thing people ask is this, ‘What are you going to do down there?’  I tell them that I am going to do a little writing and maybe work a couple of days a week.  ‘But you haven’t studied writing!!’

No, no I haven’t.

the emerging writer


I went to Sydney College of the Arts and studied Fine Art with a major in painting.  I loved it.  I got distinctions and painted all the time and thought I was going to be an artist.  Then I actually started to work as an artist and couldn’t make the reality, fit with my idea of what it was going to be like.

I realized unfortunately too late, that the life of an artist, however successful was not what I wanted.  Had I known what exactly was involved in being an Artist, I would never have done it.  I’m not going to make that mistake again.

I have decided this time, to investigate thoroughly the career I am planning to pursue.  I am going to live and work and act like a writer – to see if I even like it.  I might turn out to be a terrible writer.  I know I am terrible right now.

If I love it and am not getting any better on my own – Then I am heading straight for University!