Scrivener – Self Publishing is Easy

I have just started using Scrivener as my word processing software.

I love it.

I was looking for Software to convert my writing into an Ebook…

I found it when I started to search for software that could format my work into an Ebook available for Kindle and E Readers.  A couple of blogs recommended Scrivener for the formatting process – but what was really interesting is that Scrivener was recommend for drafting, planning your book, storing research and character outlines, saving images and setting writing goals – writing editing proofing and formatting.  It does everything.

I have used it for far more than just converting my writing into an Ebook.

Below I have included a couple of the features of Scrivener –

To give you an idea of how it looks and what it can do.

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Characters – Planning Board

Characters & Casting

Collect all your character profiles in one place.

Using images of real people, you can go through the process of casting your characters and keeping the images with your character’s profiles.

I love using old actors for Casting my Characters as there are lots of pictures of them through every stage of their lives.

Also – actors tend to have lots more photos of themselves in various moods, situations and styles.

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Location Planning Board.


Setting & Locations

Locations settings have always been difficult for me, as my novels tend to spand quite a lot of time and in doing so my locations age and change and develop.

Scrivener has a whole location setting to help you with mood boards, images, notes and consistency while writing.

Here is a board that I made for a location I had been struggling to image.  It is a cottage in the forest, that has not been touched or fixed or restored for a long time.



FORMATTING; Your writing to Ebook –

There are a load of ready made templates in Scrivener including a PhD thesis paper, Short Story formatting and Ebooks.  These templates make it so easy to format and publish everything you write in Scrivener.

There are heaps of tutorials Online about how to format your ebook using Scrivener – Even this one…

5 minute Video Tutorial from the makers of Scrivener – Literature & Lattes.

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My First Editor

Meghan Brewster writer, emerging writers diary

I have an Editor! This is really happening. My first Ebook Year One is currently being read by an editor as I wait for the first book jacket designs to be sent through; I am learning HTML so that I can upload my Ebook to my new website, which I am currently redesigning.

Meghan Brewster writer, emerging writers diary

Four months ago it looked like this…

First Editor, Meghan Brewster

…now it looks like this!



Finding an Editor

Finding an Editor was not easy – Looking for an Editor online was a lot like dating – but online.   Well I have never been apart of online dating but if someone told me it was a lot like looking for an Editor, I think I’d understand.

I found her on O desk, but not right away.  First I had to read through ten other job applications. There are so many qualified freelance editors out there but  it was important to me to find someone I was compatible with.

To sort through all the applications, I had to be clear about what I was looking for.

I wanted someone who was going to be my target audience.  I wanted someone who would understand what I had written; who was going to give me more than just a spelling correction. I wanted someone with an opinion of their own who would have something to say about my work.

I knew right from the start that I wanted a female editor.  Male Editors are great, but when it came to editing my diary, I knew I needed a lady.  My writing is very personal and  at times a little circular and I didn’t want anyone cutting out all the jibberish.

I also wanted someone young (er) – Again to maintain voice and tone.

Are you looking for an Editor…? Editor / Proof Reader / Copy Editor… Oh my!


And I found her – Kristie – who is turning out to be great….

Year One; The Diary of an Emerging Writer

Year One, Emerging Writers Diary, Meghan Brewster
Book Release!  Year One is Here!

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to make the decision to become a full time writer?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you saved up all your money, quit your job and jumped head first into a new life?

– Year One –

This is a story about one woman deciding to become a writer; from a naive inner city waitress to an anxious semi professional full time writer.  This is the diary of those first 12 months.  This is the diary of what it was like and how life as a writer began to unfold.

It turns out writing is harder and more surprising than anyone could have guessed.

 – Out Now for March 2014 – 
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Finding a Designer for the jacket

The Emerging Writer, Writing, Self Publishing2nd August 2013 – I am lucky that she is a friend of mine who’s work I have always admired.  I don’t have to pretend.  I think she is fantastic.  I worked with her for a while and have had the pleasure of calling her a friend before she even became a designer and got too cool for me.  She has said that she is interested so I am totally thrilled.

The jacket is really important and I want to do a little research to see what I like and what is going to work best for the book.  I am going to self publish.  I have decided finally that self publishing is the best option for me, so it is important that I learn what I am doing.  I will look for a bit more information on the whole thing over the next little while.  Want to have a jacket before Christmas.  #pipedream.