The Anti Mentor

05 May 2013 – I am still working at the cafe in Redfern – which takes up most of my time.  We still have not set a date for moving south – Boring.

A lot of our customers are University students, lecturers and the admin staff that head to the University of Sydney every day.  A few are local writers, artists and dandy’s who frequent the cafe a few times a day.

And then there is Gus, a smug professional writer who comes in quite regularly to bitch and moan and complain about how busy he is, how broke he is, how hard it is to be a writer, and so on.  He so clearly loves the work, and would never give the writing up even if it financially pressures his wife and children into making obvious sacrifices.  I wonder why he wont shut about about his great life that everyone wants.

I wonder if he is trying to put other people off becoming a writer so he wont have any competition?  Hmm… I will test my theory over the week.

Finding Unexpected Support

26 April 2013 –I was scared to tell people I was thinking of and trying to write a book.  I thought they would either tell me I was crazy and stupid, or question my motives and my qualifications and think I was a wanker.

The Emerging Writer, writing

Feeling the Love

The truth is that some people did.  And I shead a little baggage from my life.  The ones that didn’t offered me such a staggering amount of support that I find it hard to imagine getting anything done without them.  Now I can call people after 5 on my days off and tell them I have been writing and they smile and take it and we move on.  Sometimes I talk about it like its work.  And they now know to ask how it is going, which is such a nice strep towards normalizing the life that I imagine is coming my way.  I am so glad I told people what I was up to.