10 Questions to Ask Before you House Sit

  1. How much time do the home owners spend at home? Are they home all day?  If they are out all day, then this will effect their idea of bills, heating and cooking during the day.  It will also effect how the animals will interact with you and how much attention they will expect or require.
  2. What sort of temperament does the animal have?  How to they interact with small children and other animals.  Particularly for dogs but in case guest or strangers come to the home you need to know how to react to them.
  3. What would they like done with the mail?
  4. Where are the smoke alarms in the house?
  5. Where are the mains switches for the house – Also torches and candles in case of a black out or short circit.
  6. Would they like pictures of the animals while they are away?  Or flowering plants that will blossom while they are gone.  This one is from my mother who has been waiting 7 years for a orchid she got from her mother to bloom.  It blossomed for the first time while she was away and always regretted missing it.
  7. Ask about phone reception.  We are in a big country where sometimes you can’t get TV reception when it’s raining ( I have heard, I actually don’t own a TV) so it is not a crazy question to ask if you get phone reception in the house.  Or in what parts of the house.
  8. How would you like us to deliver phone messages to you – Record them all together, or email/text you when they come through.
  9. What would be the plan if something where to happen to the animal, Death or Injury.  Obviously this is very unlikely as you will take as much care as possible with the animal.  But things happen, ticks bit and spiders are under the house.
  10. Would they like you to leave anything in the house for when they get back.  Emergency supplies?


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by Meg

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