The Forgettable Idea

Act swiftly when a good idea strikes

It wasn’t until recently that I really understood how important it is to be prepared for a good idea.  It is amazing how forgettable a good idea is.

I woke up this morning with the most extraordinary images, idea and story in my head.

My heart was racing when I woke and I was struck with a feeling of wonder and owe.  In my dream, I had been on the most epic, emotional and vivid adventure of my life.  I was desperate to know what happened next.  There were new characters I had just met and we were sailing, or floating, charging towards some destiny, demanding the water to move with us.  I woke more motivated and excited than I have been in weeks.  I rolled towards the center of the bed, my partner smiled, said good morning and kissed me.

The stories disappeared.

They were gone.  I have one scene left – the last of the dream that I can half conjure.  Of a man, with the water moving through him, standing on the edge of life, his hands raised demanded to be let through.  I don’t know what to make it now.  The visions are gone.  The characters, gone.  I wasn’t prepared, there was no paper beside my bed, no pen, to lamp to switch on in the darkness.  I rolled towards my partner instead of towards my laptop.




by Meg

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