The Little Green Grammar Book; Mark Tredinnick

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The little green grammar book, grammar for writers, emerging writers, emerging, writing, meghan brewster

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This is a writer’s grammar book.  It’s a grammar book by a writer for writers.  I don’t want to put anyone off, but I am neither a grammarian nor linguist; I’m just a writer who’s thought a fair bit about grammar – and taught a fair bit of it too.  This book describes most of the grammar that’s taught me how to write.  I’ve written it down in case it helps you, too.’ Tredinnick.

The Little Green Grammar Book is a non Fiction book about grammar.  It is more than just a reference book. It’s a study on grammar as a craft and why it matters.  Beginning with the ‘natural history of the sentence,’ this book breaks down the elements of a sentence, in a clear and contemporary way.

How Did This Book Come to Me?
The little green grammar book, mark tredinnick, the emerging writers diary, emerging writers, writing, first novel

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I purchased this book after receiving some negative feedback about my grammar.

I ordered this book at a book store.  I waited for it to be back loaded onto a truck traveling down the south coast from Sydney.  I checked in with the book store lady every few days, despite her promise to call me as soon as it came in.  I wanted this book very urgently as I had suddenly and scarily became aware of how terrible my grammar was.  I had become immobilized in my writing.  I was frozen and I could not have written another word until I had The Little Green Grammar Book in my handbag.

I had known about the book for a while, having read the Little Red Writing book many times, but it wasn’t until I found out just how bad I was, that I decided to finally buy it.

Why Will I Finish It?

‘The comma as pause has been oversold and under –explained.  We need a smarter notion.’  Tredinnick.

It is not really a book that demands that it be read cover to cover.  But I will.

I would like to read this novel slowly, so that I can pause and reflect at the end of each chapter.  I would like to learn, as I read.  It is very clear and easy to read.  It is light hearted, honest and somehow personal, while still being about and for grammar – interesting.

The little green grammar book, mark tredinnick, the emerging writer, grammar, writing first novelMore.

Published in 2008 by University of New South Whales Press, this book is part of a series on writing – The Little Red Writing Book, The Little Green Grammar Book and The Little Black Book of Business Writing.  There is a fourth title that can be found by Mark Tredinnick on writing, ‘Writing well: The Essential Guide,’ which is the US and UK title of The Little Red Writing Book.

I know it will take a while before I can see the improvements from learning proper grammar.  I know I have a long way to go.  I know that I will need to practice this every day.  I know that I will need to re write a lot of everything I have just written.  And I know that when I read over this article in only a few months, I will want to re write it all, correcting all the mistakes I don’t even know I am making



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