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Let me be very clear before we go any further.  If I had have been allowed into Maths, I would have failed it.  I have not studied a single science or mathematical subject since five of my girl friends formed an extra unit of English in year 11.  I am not the numerically inclined.  Which is why I am writing this post.

money21st August 2013 – Today I am going to remind you to take care of your finances.

Almost a year after the Emerging Writers Festival 2012 is still remember the best advice I have been given as an Emerging Writer.  And that is to learn how to manage your own superannuation (Retirement fund for all those in the USA).

Learn How To Manage Your Retirement Plan.

As part of the ‘Top ten things you wished someone had told you as an Emerging Writer,’ one woman got up and said this.

‘There is a lot to be said for the romance of being a young, penniless struggling writer, but there is nothing romantic or pleasurable about being old and poor.’  

Everyone was waiting eagerly to hear stories about how to get over being rejected, where to send your first manuscript, how do you know you are finished, when should you get someone to read your work?  But she was brutal in her honesty and I am going to spread the word.  Find out about superannuation, start paying Superannuation, figure out how much money you are going to need and how much that will be each week and then pay it.   Make a plan!!  She went on to talk about seeing a financial planner, one that specialises in freelance work.  She told us about self managed plans that we could open.  It was wonderful, and so honest.

emerging writers, writers lifestyle, writers finance

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This website was one of the few websites that made sense to me.  I felt like I was actually understanding what they were talking about enough to learn something.  I guess I needed to find just a bit more information, a bit more than nothing.  Check it out if you are looking for somewhere to start.  Or perhaps you did do maths in your final year of highschool and are looking for something a little more complex.

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Managing your finances is apart of The Writers Lifestyle.  Don’t leave it too late to learn things the hard way.  You want to be a writer?  You want to live like a writer and tell people you’re a writer?  Well today it is time to act like a writer.

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