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Working from Home

There is a lot to learn about working from home.  Weather you are working full time, part time or just stealing hours every now and again – Working from home is not all ice cream Sundays and foot rubs.  I have been doing it for a few months now and I am still just figuring out how it all works.  Working from home can be really hard.  I mean, harder than people expect.  There are studies online that actual state people working from home as working for 5 to 7 hours more than those in a traditional office.

Find Your Own Space

Doesn’t matter how often each day you come to this space to write, it should only ever be used for writing.  I see Space as such an important factor in creativity and productivity, that I have devoted a whole page to the matter.  Finding the Space, is an article about places and spaces that you can used to write.

Finding the Time

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Desktop Sticky Notes

You are in control, you have to motivate yourself.  You are the boss and you are the leader and you decide what happens when.  This can be really challenging, especially if you are coming from a job where you are sort of told what needs to be done all the time.  Organising your time is key.  I could not live without the Sticky Note Application on my computer.  People can think you are ‘free’ all the time, and you start to feel bad for not helping them out – After all, you don’t make any money form writing anyway, so you may as well help them out, Right??  Im sure JK Rowling was never pestered while she was writing at the Balmoral Hotel, but I am just at home.

Top five things that used to distract me at home.

  • Cleaning up and ‘just quickly chucking a load of washing on’.
  • Realising we needed to ‘Pop to the shops’ for a few things for dinner.
  • Catching up with friends if they took a day off work.
  • Going to the post office for other people.
  • Procrastinating by wandering from room to room.

Finding the Structure

You have to make up your own rules.  I have started to introduce rules as I need them.  I am bringing structure and rules in slowly – instead of making up a big list of rules at the start, I am seeing what is going wrong and then finding a structure to fix the problem.  Now I have Monday as the day to get organised and plan the week.  I also plan my tomorrow, before I go to bed, so when i wake up in the morning I know exactly what my first task is,  after my morning Ritual.  I go to the desk and open the day’s sticky note and begin.



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