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I am writing this as a concern for all of you.  It is official, I have become a hunchback and I fear that all us writer will become hunchbacks alike.

Sitting at a computer is bad for our health; sitting for a long period of time at a computer is even worse.

While I care very deeply about your health and wellbeing, it might be your own vanity is what gets you to pay attention to the problems of sitting too long at a computer.

Hunchbacks are ugly.  They photograph badly and make you look like you’re always nervous.  You might not even know you are a hunchback.  That is when things are really bad.

So how to cure a writing hunchback and make sure it doesn’t come back.

The solution to a back hunchback is two-fold.  Firstly you need to stretch out the front of your chest.  Secondly you need to strengthen the back muscles to be able to support your shoulders and arms in the correct position.

Stretching the front of your chest

Here – Advice need to do it a lot, every night, preferably twice a day.

Strengthing your back

Need to be strong enough to support your body in the correct position.  Hunchbacks happen from laziness and weakness mostly.

Here is a great ARTICLE with more details about how to fix a back writing hunchback.




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